Crater Lake Tour
via Washington and Oregon Coasts

Day 12 - July 31st - Crater Lake National Park
Rest Day

Some Views From Around The Park
Wizard Island in Crater Lake
Very Steep Roads!

Boat crossing Crater Lake
Boat crossing Crater Lake
Dangerous Drop-offs

Day 13 - Aug 1st - Mazama Campground to Crescent Lake
123 Kms

 As I figured, I had to regain about 1000ft in elevation before I could do some coasting this morning. Apart from the snotty crosswind which slowed down my descents somewhat, it was a pleasant ride around the remainder of Rim Drive. This section completed the loop of Rim Drive that I started on Wednesday, and presented some spectacular morning views of the pristine deep blue water that is Crater Lake.

 I retraced my route to the north entrance of Crater Lake National Park, then turned east onto Highway 138 - which is one straight road all the way to Highway 97, where I turned north. Second breaky, in Chemult, was 70 Kms into the ride today, but it was a fast ride to there and a huge omelette with toast and trimmings was soon devoured. US97, was a really busy road with lots of truck traffic, so I was glad to get off that highway and head northwest on Highway 58, which was much quieter and will also take me all the way to Eugene tomorrow.

Nice lakeside campsite!
Nice lakeside campsite!

 I'm still at around 5000ft here in Crescent Lake, so I have a bit more downhill tomorrow to look forward to. I lucked into a lakeshore campsite here and there is lots of stuff to rubberneck at here - high powered boats, water-skiers, jet-skis etc. - warm water too - just as well as there are no showers, so a quick dip will have to do. No mozzies yet either, let's hope that they're sucking elsewhere tonight!

 The weather was a little cooler today with the sun hiding behind clouds for most of the day - but believe me, I'm not complaining after those few scorcher days!

 My day off yesterday was very relaxing and I didn't do much of anything, except eat and chat with my new neighbour, Jay, who drove down from Seattle with his new Airborne titanium bike, just to ride Rim Drive. He said afterwards that it was a tougher ride than he had heard - I did warn him though before he set off, but he enjoyed the ride and the fantastic views from the numerous lookouts. He was amazed that I rode it with all my baggage - so was I! Anyway, nice fellow, and it was pleasant to chat with another bike aficionado (read - bike geek! - he travels with a road bike and a mountain bike on his truck!). Jay took over Barry and Melanie's camping spot - they left early in the morning.

 I had a quick ride before dinner to a general store that is close to here, for the purpose of picking up some "refreshments," and also I need a new book to read. They had some used paperbacks at the store, and when I asked how much they were, the young lady assistant said that the used books were free - what a nice gesture!

Day 14 - Aug 2nd - Crescent Lake to Eugene
134 Kms

Ski Lift at Willamette Pass Summit
Ski Lift at Willamette Pass Summit

 After my usual quick breaky I had a short climb to the summit of Willamette Pass at 5275ft. But then what ride down! I had about 15 - 20 Kms of riding down a 6% grade - a great free ride with only a headwind slowing me down a bit. After that steepish grade, the road continued gently downhill following the course of the Willamette River all the way to Eugene with some pretty scenery along the way and low traffic volume that increased as I neared the city. Highway 58 showed evidence of some extensive and recent roadwork for many miles, fortunately, the paving was almost complete and only line painting work remained to be finished. I'm glad that I wasn't there a few weeks earlier when the work was in full swing!

 The headwind continued to dog me all the way today though, but I still managed to arrive in Eugene in the early afternoon. I picked up my ticket for Monday 's train ride to Seattle, then headed out to find a motel for a couple of nights. Yes, another day off tomorrow - in civilisation this time. Probably just as well

Fall Creek Reservoir

 though as thunderstorms are in the forecast for this area for the next twenty-four hours. Some rain sure wouldn't' t hurt this area though, everything looks dried out and parched. Even the Fall Creek reservoir that I passed just outside Eugene, was at a very low level.

Fall Creek Reservoir

 Downtown, I passed the huge Eugene Saturday street market on the way to the motel, so after checking in and cleaning up, I went and spent a couple of hours meandering (and eating) my way through the many stalls.

 Here's a good one...
 On the way back to my motel, meandering through the back streets of Eugene, I happened to look up at the roof of a house that I was passing - on the roof I saw, of all things, a monkey! - Oh yeah!, you might say, and I actually did say that to myself. So I shook my head and looked again - sure enough it was a small monkey - AND wearing a t-shirt and shorts, no less! Well, as I was standing there gawping, wondering if I was losing my marbles, a van pulled up at the curb, a couple of ladies and a girl got out and followed my eyeballs to the roof. "Oh no," they exclaimed. Turns out that it was their pet monkey and it had somehow ventured out onto their roof - they were lucky that it didn't go any further. They got busy gathering up ladders and then proceeded to try and coax the little rascal down - quite a comical performance. I left them to it, with a big grin on my face - they didn't seem to find the same humour in the situation as I did!

 Anyhow, no riding tomorrow, laundry and other duties to perform - amongst some sight-seeing, eating and drinking! Life's tough eh?

 Basil's getting awful excited about his first train ride on Monday!
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