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I suppose that many of you visiting this site will think that I'm a bicycling nut!

Your assumption would be quite correct, and I make no apologies.


So, if you're at all interested in the ramblings of such a nut, sit back, click that mouse and browse away!

Although I enjoy cycling recreationally and do so to a great extent, touring by bicycle is my main attraction. Therefore for the main, you will find information on many aspects of bicycle touring, trip travelogues, routing suggestions, commuting by bike, bicycle camping, mechanical and maintenance tips, links to
cycling & travel related books etc. on this site.


My "Bike Camping" page should be of particular interest to novice tourers, who may find the prospect of carrying a vast array of equipment on their bikes a little overwhelming when trying to plan for a self-contained trip. There I have itemised many items that I have used over many years of touring and thousands of miles of road.

My "Bikes & Bits" page has links to my two touring bikes and lists their components that have proved to be "tried, tested and true" throughout the hills and dales of the many routes that their wheels have rolled over.






Use the bicycle and trailer icons at the top of all pages to navigate to the different areas of my site.

Underlined text is a link to another site or area of possible interest. On some pages a link may lead to a suggested source for purchasing that particular item - I do make a very small commission if a purchase is made from that link which helps to pay for the upkeep of this website.

Many of the small photo thumbnails throughout the site will open in a larger format simply by "clicking" your mouse button on them.



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